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Hotel Transfers


During the dark days of Belfast, a period the locals dubbed The Troubles, visitors only had a single choice: take a cab straight from the airport, and travel to the nearest hotel where you can order a stiff drink and let loose a sigh of relief.


Nowadays, all that has changed and Ireland’s capital is quite an interesting and reformed tourist hub. Featuring hundreds of luxury and cheap hotels, as well as thousands of pubs and restaurants, Belfast can be quite intimidating for the first-time visitor. 


C.F.T. can arrange any hotel transfer in Belfast


Managed by Stephen Comerford, a man who experienced both the good and the bad history of Belfast, C.F.T. is a coach hire company that can make your business trip or vacation convenient. Irrespective of whether you booked accommodation at The Merchant or The Fitzwilliam, The Ten Square or The Crescent Townhouse, our hotel transfer service guarantee a hassle-free trip to and from your accommodations, for any destination in Belfast and Northern Ireland. 


Why choose C.F.T. for your hotel transfer needs?


As the name suggests, hotel transfers refer to the service of transporting you from a specific location – airport, business centre, tourist attraction, and etc. – to the hotel of your choice. We provide convenient transportation that you can book online, according to your needs and preferences.


In case you are not certain regarding what type of vehicle would be more suitable for the transfer, then rest assured our friendly staff is more than happy to help you find an automobile that meets your requirements and budget. The other reasons why you should consider C.F.T. as your primary hotel transfer service provider include:


 Don’t risk getting lost

In case this is your first time visiting Belfast and you are travelling alone, then you probably don’t know which route is the fastest or what direction to go in. C.F.T. can help you eliminate this source of frustration from your trip. 


Guarantee to travel in a secure and reliable vehicle

You are bound to feel some anxiety when you’re driving a rental car on unfamiliar streets. By booking our hotel transfer service, you don’t have to worry about your luggage being stolen, nor do you have to twitch each time an unknown, suspicious passer-by approaches you. 


Reduce stress during your trip

By far, the biggest advantage of choosing our hotel transfer service is that you will reduce the anxiety associated with travelling. While some people enjoy driving, getting from the airport to your hotel can be a nuisance for various reasons, including not knowing which street to take and hectic traffic.


Travel conveniently and in style

Selecting our hotel transfer service means that you are guaranteed to reach your destination in comfort and style. The experienced chauffeur is a professional able to build a courteous and positive relationship. 


Regardless of whether you arrive in Belfast for business or pleasure, we’re convinced that you would prefer checking into your hotel to freshen up as soon as possible. Contact us today and find out more about our hotel transfer service and the advantages of using our transportation services.